Chatham Co. residents react to SCMPD merger dissolution

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Some Chatham County residents express concerns over safety following the City Council decision to dissolve the Savannah-Chatham County Police merger.

Chatham County Residents say their safety is their number one concern, and they don’t want the council’s vote to affect the police presence in their neighborhoods.

Back in April, the county opened a new police precinct at the corner of Whitefield Avenue and Truman Parkway in Southeastern Chatham County. 26 officers were placed there.

Some residents say they immediately felt safer because they quickly noticed the increased patrols in their neighborhoods.

“If the present situation does just suddenly end, you know, where do we go from there?” says Greg Campbell, Chatham County Resident.

“It’s alright with me if they separate, long as they keep the stuff designated where it’s supposed to be. You know, don’t have me paying for city and all I’m getting is county,” says Jimmy Bachman, Wilmington Island Resident.

Residents say they want county leaders to have a clear plan in place before they move forward.

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