Alderman addresses flooding in one of Savannah’s most impacted areas

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Rain often creates issues for roadways in Savannah, and the problem has only increased for one underpass in the city.

Savannah is a tropical city that lies at sea level, but some areas see excessive flooding whenever it rains.

The city received two times the normal average of 2″ of rain per hour on two days in July.

On the July 17, a car was seen completely submerged under water at the underpass on East Broad Street and Henry Lane.

Alderman Bill Durrence of District 2 attributes the problem to the area’s sea level.

“They are below the water table, so they actually would accumulate water even without rain,” says Alderman Durrence. “But we have pumps working.”

There are man-made pumps that drain water throughout the city, but they can only handle a certain amount of water per hour.

With the recent rainfall in Savannah, the pumps have been working at a slower speed.

“The pumps simply can’t keep up with that so we’ll have an accumulation of water for a short period of time, and once it stops raining the pumps are able to catch up and clear it out,” Durrence said.

Although adding additional or larger pumps could be an option, it can get costly.

“The thing we could do given an unlimited budget would be to put bigger more productive and higher value pumps there. But I don’t think that that is the wisest fiscal decision especially because its’ such an infrequent time we would need it for,” Durrence said.

The alderman recommends that drivers continue to use caution when driving, use alternate routes, and call 311 if your area is flooded.

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