4 teens charged for “standing, spitting, walking” on grave of fallen officer

AMERICUS, Ga. (WSAV) – Four teenagers have been charged with trespassing and vandalizing the grave of a fallen police officer.

Surveillance camera photos show a group of teens standing, spitting, and walking on officer Nick Smarr’s grave in Americus, Georgia.

The camera was installed by his mother, Janice Smarr, who says she found footprints covering her son’s grave when she visited for the first time.

She claims it happened at least twice within the past week. Her brother put a camera up to catch anyone who desecrated the grave.

Smarr turned the surveillance footage over to police, who arrested three female juveniles and one adult, 17-year-old Kaheem D. Chambers.

Smarr says this issue boils down to a lack of appreciation for her son’s sacrifice.

“People need to show respect. Especially for Nick and Jody. I mean, they died heroes, and to us, they will always be heroes,” Smarr says.

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