Weather Wise Kids: Are Water Spouts Dangerous?

Miley, 8 years old, wants to know if water spouts are dangerous?

Well Miley, just a few days ago, many beachgoers saw an amazing sight off the coast of South Carolina.  Three water spouts!

Water spouts are fairly common this time of year.  Most the of the time, they stay over water.  But sometimes they come onshore… and they can be very dangerous.

It happened in Brazil once, and many were injured.  (see video)

Some water spouts can produce winds stronger than 100 mph.  So for this reason alone, it’s best to just stay away.

One fisherman down in the Florida Keys, however, got way too close.

The fisherman went right into a weak water spout, and it physically moved his entire boat.

So you should never navigate through a water spout or move closer to one.  To avoid a water spout, you should travel at right angles to its apparent direction of movement.

If you simply can’t avoid a water spout, take down any sail, close any hatches and if possible… stay below deck.





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