Video: Couple strikes out during hilarious gender reveal

DENVER, N.C. (NBC) – Gender reveals are getting more creatively lately, but one North Carolina couple’s didn’t go exactly as planned.

Justin and Laura Garner of Denver, North Carolina stepped up to the plate to reveal the sex of their unborn child during their firstborn son Cannon’s birthday party.

They thought it would be a special way to find out the gender alongside their closest relatives.

The plan was for Laura to pitch a powder-filled ball to Justin who was supposed to hit it hard enough for the ball to explode and reveal the sex of their unborn child.

“I ended up pitching it and said, ‘Just hit it real soft,'” Laura recalled. “He decided he needed to home-run-slugger the thing!”

But instead of exploding, the ball hit Laura in the face.

“Cannon was very concerned about mom,” Laura said.

Once the 3-year-old made sure mom was okay, he lightened up.

A second pitch finally revealed that Laura and Justin were having a baby boy.

But the moment was so funny, that Laura’s sister was laughing too hard to catch the successful reveal on camera.

Despite the setback, it was still a home run for the family. They are expecting their new baby boy to arrive in December.

Attributes: WCNC

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