Chatham County Judge Demands Retraction from Savannah mother

Judge Harris Odell's lawyer sent letter demanding retraction of comments by Linda Bryan

Linda Wilder Bryan’s words and feelings about one judge’s job is out there for everybody to see.

But Chatham County Judge Harris Odell says the community activist went too far on Facebook. Now he has an attorney of his own and now is demanding an apology.

Letter from Harris Odell’s attorney to Linda Wilder Bryan
Lind Wilder Bryan says she was shocked to be accused of slander by Judge Harris Odell

“I’ve said nothing that this whole city hasn’t said,” said Linda Bryan.

What Linda Wilder Bryan said on Facebook back on July 7 – was Odell “lets them out with charges involving guns and they are the problem and letting them out on low bonds is a damn problem”

Linda Wilder Bryan says she was shocked a Judge would send her a a letter about slander


“When i saw that letter, I thought hmm, somebody’s listening. A judge … little ole me,” smiled Bryan.

Judge Odell calls it “slander” and a character assassination.

Linda Bryan says she isn’t the only one talking about Judge Odell’s bond policy
Linda Bryan’s Facebook post from July 7


The letter his lawyer sent to Bryan says she “accused Judge Odell of releasing criminals against the law and order of Georgia.”

“You are supposed to be fighting crime, not mothers who’ve lost sons because of inconsistencies in the way they dish out their justice,” said Linda Bryan.

Bryan was reacting to an interview and headline where Savannah Police Chief Jack Lumpkin “called out” Judge Odell for releasing violent suspects on low bonds.

Its an issue, and a judge that News 3 has also done multiple stories on in the last year.

Bryan points at News 3’s Andrew Davis. “You have written three or four stories. Did they come after you? quiet. They might.”

Bryan has not stayed quiet since her own son Lawrence’s murder in 2015, and she’s not ready to stop now.

“He’s trying to bully me,” said Bryan. “How does our city get to where its ok for a judge, a sitting judge to say that i said something I shouldn’t have said against him,” said Bryan.

“I’m not intimidated by pieces of paper. I’m intimidated by killers with hoods, not judges with robes who are supposed to be protecting and serving.”

In his lawyer’s letter, Odell asks for an “immediate and full retraction” of the statements by Bryan by July 31.

That attorney, Robert Turner says he can’t say any more because of possible “pending litigation”.

Bryan said she will “never” do that and welcomes her day in court, in front of another judge.

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