Savannah African Festival

Tracing our roots, celebrating our achievements, honoring our icons, promoting rising talents, and paving the way forward into the future.

Savannah Africanfest is out to inculcate a sense of tolerance and respect for one another’s culture and to promote world cultures and arts while serving as custodian of African art and culture – with the South Georgia City of Savannah as Host Venue.

Through entertainment and community assembly of Africans, both native and foreign, Savannah Africanfest will showcase African artistry-music performance, film, and fashion.

We will also honor the originality and excellence of works and artists from other cultures worldwide whose artistry leaves something for posterity to ponder upon and incessantly seek to foster.

We celebrated and epitomize exceptionalism and inclusiveness at its best.

Celebrate life through this 3 day festival with film, music, art, and adventure from all over the world in Savannah, Georgia.

Beyond being a hub for native Africans to feel at home, Savannah Africanfest will connect to local communities and fan in and out of the USA to African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-American Artists and live theater, art exhibitions, poetry, historical talks and tours, and cultural and artistic workshops.

We are sons and daughters from motherland; not because we were born there, but because we are both with motherland in us. We stay true and clear to this, irrespective of what part of the globe we find ourselves. We are one people, productive people, distinctly creative, one family, proudly black; and irrespective of our history and struggles, we are ready to celebrate life to the fullest!


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