Man ‘flicking’ cigarettes at bee nest causes shed fire in Burton

BURTON, S.C. (WSAV) — The Burton Fire District was dispatched to a report of a house fire on Pine Grove Road  on Sunday, July 16. The incident turned out to be a shed fire that was endangering a nearby home.

Just after 1130 a.m., Burton firefighters responded to the reported house. When firefighters arrived they found a medium sized shed, less than 30 feet from a home, fully involved in flames.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire before heat, embers or flames caused any damages to the home. No injuries were reported.

The shed was in the process of being razed. The homeowner told fire investigators that he encountered a bee nest and attempted to clear them by flicking cigarettes at the nest which started the fire.

Firefighters had to close a section of Pine Grove Road to extinguish the fire.

Fire officials warn drivers not to disregard traffic cones at such emergency scenes as by doing so damages equipment and endangers emergency workers.

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