Intersection in Midtown raises concerns for residents

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Traffic accidents happen all throughout the city, but there’s one intersection that has recently raised concerns.

And, there’s one woman who is concerned drivers don’t notice the traffic signs.

“Somebody’s going to get hit and especially on that side,” Annette Badenhoop, a concerned citizen, said. “I know people have their kids on different sides of the car, well my son happens to sit behind me on the driver seat so I can see him in my mirror, so I’m scared somebody’s going to hit that side and my son’s going to be right there.”

Whether you’re headed to work or running errands in Midtown, turning right onto Stephenson Avenue from Hodgson Memorial Drive can be dangerous.

Badenhoop has lived in the Habersham Woods area for 15 years and said the intersection keeps getting worse.

News 3 dug a little deeper and found there have been 36 accidents at that intersection since 2012 and it averages at least five accidents per year.

“When you’re turning from coming down Hodgsoin Memorial and turning right onto Stephenson, which would be going this way, every time I’m in that lane — there are two lanes and I’m in the outside lane and in the middle of the turn the people in this inside lane will come over in front of me and I’ve had to go up on the curb several times to keep them from hitting me,” Badenhoop said.

The paint is worn down and Badenhoop said it could use a fresh coat.

She said it also may be helpful if there were more signs to help guide drivers who may not be paying attention.

“I’d like to see some kind of signage put up on the other side of the intersection that clearly states that if there’s two turning lanes to stay in your lane through the intersection,” Badenhoop said.

New 3 reached out to the city and they said they’re aware of the concern.

They also ask if you see worn paint or think and intersection could be improved to make a report.
You can do that by dialing 311.

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