Crowd donned Speedos in honor of Scott Waldrup

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. – More than a hundred people donned their best and brightest to celebrate Speedo Sunday on Tybee Island.

Men and women gathered in their swim wear at the Tybee Island Pier in honor of Scott Waldrup. Waldrup died after being struck by a car as a part of a police chase in which the car was a part of a shooting early July 5th.

Witnesses say Waldrup pushed people out of the way right before the car struck and killed him instantly.

On Sunday, dozens of friends and family gathered to remember Waldrup. Waldrup started ‘Speedo Sunday’ many years ago in honor of his partner, Tart Johnson’s, birthday. While Johnson was honored and celebrated, tears and hugs were also shared in Waldrup’s absence.

“I think it shows the support of the Savannah community and how everyone comes together in tragedy. We’ve had a lot of violence and gang violence in Savannah recently so I think that we’re trying to show his friend and family support out here today,” Amy Storer said. She and her boyfriend were friends with Waldrup.

Money was also raised to help pay for Waldrup’s student loans and other personal expenses.

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