Back to school festival on River Street

SAVANNAH, Ga., (WSAV) — Families tackled River Street to enjoy the last few weekends before school starts back. Hundreds joined Unity in the Community for their third Back to School festival.

White tents lined along Rousakis Riverfront Plaza where customers engaged in food, laughter, art, live music, dancing. Kids even got their hands on school supplies, getting them ready for their first day back.

“As a teacher, I see what it is like when kids come in and they are not as prepared with the little things,” says Sharon Butts, Founder of Unity in the Community.

Every third week of the month, Unity in the Community hosts various events that are targeted towards improving community engagement.

According to Founder, Craig Butts, this is ” a part of our give back being able to give them the opportunity to be able to have some of those things when they start school, which many of them don’t have that opportunity.”

The non-profit’s focus is to support local business while also bringing communities together in the Savannah area.

Join Unity in the Community at their next event ‘The River Street Dog Stroll’ August 19-20.

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