Local animal shelter waives fees as need for adoption increases

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) – In an effort to help clear the shelters this summer, WSAV took a trip to The Tabby House in Beaufort to speak with volunteers about the overwhelming need for pet adoptions.

“Hilton Head Humane is inundated, we’re inundated and our satellite office, The Tabby House, is inundated as well,” says Beaufort County Animal Services director Tallulah Trice.

Trice says families are always asking about kittens and if they come by now they’ve got dozens to pick from.

The center typically gets boxes of kittens in the spring, and by summer they are ready for adoption.

“Of course all of our cats are spayed, neutered microchipped, tested for FIV and leukemia and up to date on shots,” says Trice.

To help clear the shelters, The Tabby House, located in the K-Mart shopping plaza in Beaufort, is waiving the adoption fees.

If you’re someone on the go, Trice says that cats may be the perfect pet for you.

“It’s great because if you leave town they can take care of themselves all you need is a litter box, their self-maintained, they don’t require walking,” Trice says.

But if now is not the time for you to adopt, or perhaps you’ve met your limit like Tabby House volunteer Martha Berry, there’s always a place for you to lend a hand a few hours a week.

“I’ve met my maximum number of cats at home so I like to come here and help with homeless cats and help them get adopted and find their forever home,” says Berry.

For more information on cat adoptions at The Tabby House call 843-255-5030 or visit their website here: tabbyhousebeaufort.com

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