City plans underway for Arena-Canal District growth

courtesy of City of Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Plans for a new Savannah Arena are underway, but yesterday the City of Savannah unveiled a grand plan that could change the neighborhood forever.

Voters have approved $120 million for the Savannah Arena, but the city will continue to expand with a Canal District and public-private development partnerships.

“We are going to build an arena here the people can be proud of and put facilities around it that people will be proud of,” Mayor DeLoach said.

The Canal District is part of a 10-year plan that begins next year. The arena is mostly paid for through SPLOST funds, and additional money will come from a “variety of sources.”

The arena project will also include the renovation of the City’s historic Water Works building, which was built in 1892.

Take a closer look at drawings and photos of six different areas below. Along with the arena, a walking and biking trail, canal district, parks, and athletic fields will be added to the district.

This 10-year plan could be costly for taxpayers, but Mayor DeLoach says its worth it.

“All this is going together but it’s going to take a big lift, it’s a huge lift but this is a project that will change what Savannah is,” said Mayor DeLoach.

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