Chatham County: Some Residents to pay more for storm debris cleanup

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — Some homeowners across our area will now have to pay to help with storm recovery costs from Hurricane Matthew. Today, Chatham County Commissioners passed a measure that would require some residents to pay a one time fee of $131 to help with the costs of storm debris removal.
This will only affect residents of unincorporated Chatham County.

Leaders say the cost to remove the debris from these areas after Hurricane Matthew was more than 30 million dollars, and they say after receiving reimbursements from the State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies, the county was still required to pay about 4 million for storm debris clean up.

Leaders say that one time fee would help restore the county’s reserve fund to a level prior to the storm.

“Raising 3.6 million dollars on the backs of the residents of the unincorporated areas is probably not the option that I would take to achieve the goals that this commission currently has,”
says Commissioner Patrick Ferrell.

“Some don’t like to increase tax, I don’t like to increase tax, but I have the fiscal responsibility for the citizens of Chatham county and it requires us to increase,” says Commissioner James Holmes.

Homeowners will see this fee added to their annual fee for Yard Waste Removal.

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