SC fisherman finds woman’s purse 25 years after she lost it

LAKE HARTWELL, S.C. (CNN) – A South Carolina woman is reunited with a purse she lost 25 years ago–and she has a fisherman to thank for the discovery.

Twenty-five years ago, April Bolt docked her boat at this cove before she grabbed dinner with her parents.

She hid her purse inside and thought nothing of it.

“Thought it would be okay to leave everything on the boat,” Bolt said. “There was some guys fishing, so we felt like it was safe.”

When she came back, her purse was missing.

“I was devastated, I was crying,” Bolt said. “I knew it was going to be a lot of work trying to cancel all my credit cards and my license. The main thing was my little boy was 15 months old and all his pictures were in there.”

Fast forward 25 years later.

Ben Myers is fishing with a young family member at the same dock.

“You might catch a can here or something like that, but as far as a woman’s purse, that’s a first for me,” said Myers.

The two reeled it in and opened it up.

Ben saw a name on one of the cards.

“I see it’s a purse and I said ‘man you ain’t caught no fish, you caught a treasure!’ And then I saw it, and I said wow, I know exactly who this is.”

“I couldn’t believe after 25 years it was found,” Bolt said.

Inside she found her canceled credit cards. Half of them to stores that no longer exist.

“Brendle’s and Upton’s.”

Some change, a comb and keys.

And, of course, her son’s baby photos she feared were gone forever.

“Some of these are priceless,” she said.

As for April, she plans to keep the no longer buried treasure as a time capsule.

“I’m going to keep it just like this.”


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