New business owner gives adults with disabilities jobs at Rise Biscuits and Donuts

There’s a saying that life is a good teacher.
And one of the greatest rewards in life is reaching back to help others.
Here’s how one man has made his business a symbol of opportunity for all.

The second you walk in the doors at Rise Biscuits and Donuts on Broughton Street you realize something amazing is happening.
Three of the people who work here have disabilities.
Owner Shane Johnson whose adopted cousin has a disability knows they have tougher challenges.
“Seeing his struggle and his excitement just to see the everyday normal things that we take for granted makes him so happy, and we wanted to do the same thing here,” he says.
Connecting with Coastal Center for Developmental Services, Rise is giving Michelle, Reggie, and Eric the power to find their place in life.
Thirty-one year old Michelle Pheonix cleans and takes orders.

“I may have to step back and ask what will be on the menu for help to show me what item that the customer would ask for, but it’s good.”
General Manager Trey Delamar recruited Michelle from their previous job at SCAD Cafe.
“She’s always smiling. She’s nonstop and just moving and hustling. She’s quiet, and she just gets it done.”
“The more I’ve come to bring myself out in the open of the world and let people see the goodness out of me I’ve come to see that I’m appreciating my opportunity of things in life, ” explains Michelle.
Reggie is confident in his job as a dishwasher.
“Just feel happy and got people talking to me and just glad to be here working.”
Through training… Josh and Trey find ways to help them succeed.
“Sometimes it does take a little extra patience in walking through things step by step, but we’re all happy to do that,” explains Josh.
So when you walk through these doors you will see every day people living life together.
“Everybody has struggles, but they have different struggles. So everybody also needs this in their lives to be grounded. I think our customers will come to appreciate it,” says Trey.
So will Michelle, Reggie and Eric who now have a meaningful way to rise and shine.
Shane says he will extend his partnership this year with CCDS, Low Country Down Syndrome and others in the community.

To learn more about Rise click here

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