Rep. Buddy Carter seeks public input on proposed changes to health care law

SAVANNAH (WSAV) – Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s 1st District, is seeking  feedback from his constituents on the Affordable Care Act—also known as Obamacare.

He has posted his “2017 Obamacare Survey” on his website along with this note:

“As a lifelong medical professional, it is one of my top priorities to ensure Americans have access to a free market health care system that costs less and provides more choices. Unfortunately, Obamacare is driving up health care costs, taking away choices, and putting bureaucrats between patients and their health care providers.

We’re taking steps now to increase choice and return control of health care back to the patient.

What do you think about our health care system? Let me know so I can better represent you in Congress.”

The only question on the survey is: “What do you think about Obamacare?”

The available responses include:

I believe it should be fully repealed.

I think it needs to be tweaked and fixed.

I believe there should be no changes.

I am unsure.

The only catch is you have to submit your email address which signs you up for Carter’s e-newsletter, but you have the option to leave additional comments on his site at


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