Man arrested for allegedly attacking autistic, deaf “Minneola Superhero”

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) — A man is facing charges in Florida after police say he attacked a disabled 19-year-old last week.

The man, who is autistic and deaf, is known affectionately around town as the “Minneola Superhero” because of the enthusiastic performance he does on a street corner dressed up like Superman.

“He brings so much joy to me. I go by, I honk, my kids wave,” says Tracy Vihrachoff.

Tyler McCorvey, 26, was arrested Thursday after interrupting the performance. McCorvey claims he challenged the teen to a fight, but did not hurt him.

“The guy was doing some moves at him, and then he hit him in the chest,” says Terra Brady, who witnessed part of the assault.

McCorvey was charged with two counts of battery and aggravated abuse of a disabled adult.

The “Minneola superhero” was back on the street Friday, waving a smiling as cars passed him.

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