Dog chemically burned in North Carolina, Treated in Savannah


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – A dog was found severely burned just outside of Charlotte, N.C. is recovering in Savannah. He’s in okay condition now, but that’s not what he looked like when he first arrived in here.

“He was in horrible horrible shape,” Cindy McManus, with Imagine Pet Rescue, said. “His wounds were rotting his entire ear, down his neck, entire neck actually and down his back.”

Less than a week later, the 11-month-old Rottweiler named Ian is in slightly better shape after being left for dead.

Last Wednesday morning Ian was found in a shed at a tire shop 25 minutes North of Charlotte.

“I went to go visit one of my customers and he come running in the shop and said “there’s a dog outside, there’s a dog outside.” He was kind of freaking out, so I went around the corner and looked in the shed and Ian was laying there,” Matthew Morin, the man who found Ian, said. “Just bleedin and not movin.”

Morin’s wife reached out to friends on Facebook and the news spread all the way to the Hostess City.

“A friend of mine, whose name is Ian who we named Ian after, tagged me on the post on Facebook and asked if we could help,” McManus said.

So, Imagine Pet Rescue quickly stepped in.

“One of our volunteers met a volunteer from up there and she drove three hours to get Ian and drove him back to the hospital,” McManus said.

Once Ian got down here doctors found he had chemical burns.

“The one on his ear actually there’s a hole from his neck all the way through to his ear, so we are probably going to have to amputate his ear,” McManus said.

Morin said there are no surveillance cameras in the area and has no idea who did this to him, but vets with Savannah Animal Care plan to help him the best they can.

It’ll cost $6,000 for this first round of treatment and they need your help.

I’ve reached out to all my friends, all my customers, everybody I know to donate to this cause to hopefully help him get better and help with the medical bills,” Morin said.

Regardless, Ian will have a new loving home.

“My first reaction was after I found out he was doing better was I want him in my family,” Morin said.

And McManus said that is the best place for him.

“We’re excited about that,” McManus said. “He’s been following his story and texting me and asking how he’s doing every day.”

Vets said it will take more than $6,000 to treat Ian and he’ll need more surgeries in the future.

Click here if you would like to donate to help Ian.

When you donate be sure to change the “YouCaring recommended” total to $0 to avoid any additional charges.


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