Book sale hopes to help build a new library

SAVANNAH,Ga. (WSAV)–  Thousands of books brought hundreds to Richmond Hill and surrounding areas for an annual book sale. The Richmond Hill Library hosted its fourth book sale this year.

Over the past six years this book sale has grown tremendously with the help of the Friends of Richmond Hill Library and the community. These gently used books were all donated by the community.

The book sale featured books of all genres ranging from fiction, non-fiction, children’s’ and more. Giving many the opportunity to get their hands on a special read they’ve had their eye on for a while now. The best part about it is, the books ranged from 10 cents to 10 dollars.

According to Gloria Shearin, Coordinator of the book sale, “The purpose of the book sale is to raise enough money to get a new library. “We’re working very hard to try to get them to understand how important literacy event like this are.”

With the many different programs housed at the library, those who assist find it hard to function properly without using other facilities.

“The children’s programs even though we sponsor them we don’t have room to have them here in the library so we have to go across to the Methodist church so they can participate in programs,” Sandy Gray, President of Friends of the Library said.

When the book sale first began it was twice a year raising nearly a thousand dollars each time. Now with a bi-monthly sale they still manage to raise a thousand dollars.

The ultimate goal is $20,000 in hopes it will allow the city to work with them on building a new library for the community to benefit from.

“We desperately need it, if this was sufficient for 20 years ago its certainly not sufficient for the community now,” Shearin said.





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