NEWS 3 INVESTIGATES: Past Criminal record of Passengers in Deadly Crash

Jerry Chambers wasn’t the only person in the car when the shots were fired on Jefferson street, and he wasn’t the only one with a criminal record.

Gabriel Magulias
Spencer Stuckey

The two men in the car with chambers, both killed in the crash on bay street, 20 year old Gabriel Magulias and 17 year old Spencer Stuckey, both connected to the “Only in the Mob Gang”, both had a criminal history of their own.

Chatham County court records show Magulias pleaded guilty to Criminal Trespassing in 2015, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced only to time served.

Gabriel Magulias Court record from 2015

17 year old Spencer Stuckey had several cases in his record, for possession of a firearm by someone under 18, and theft by receiving stolen property and fleeing to elude police.

Spencer Stuckey Court record from pending case in Chatham County

Stuckey was supposed to be in court on July 31 to face those charges.

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