New efforts underway to keep carriage horses cool in Savannah streets

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Horse carriage companies in Savannah are trying new ways to keep their horses cool in the summer heat.

Recently the city has seen heat indexes over one hundred degrees. After the city recently revised city ordinances after 40 years they are requiring horses to be taken off the streets once it hits 95 degrees.

This is causing some business owners and vets to take action. Keeping them cool is a priority and they make sure the caretakers know it.

Jennifer Thompson, the owner of Plantation Carriage Company, has worked with horses for more than 25 years. She says it was, “true love from it when I was a little girl every time i saw a horse i just had to be around one.”

Although the horses are over 1500 lbs and can carry up to six times their size these 600 lbs carriages are nothing for them.

Caretakers consistently take horses body temperatures to ensure they aren’t over 102 degrees.

If they reach that point, they can no longer perform in these activities. Ways to keep them cool while on the streets are walking them through a shaded area and keeping them hydrated.

Before leaving the barn, “We put them in front of fans while at the barns, we take their temperature and we’re hosing them down that’s the most important part,” Thompson said.

The clinic is hosting free educational opportunities for horse caretakers and the public to talk about first aid and emergency horse care.

According to Dr. Reece Myran, Vet at Countryside Equine, “We went over common things that happen or that can happen while horses are on tour.”

The next clinic will be held the first week of August.

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