Fan drive, Senior Citizens Inc. needs donations

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – One elderly Savannah man is recovering after he was found passed out in his home recently from heat exhaustion and its raising concerns in our community.

Luckily, that man is okay, but it could’ve been worse.

“Just check on your neighbor,” Patti Lyons, the president of Senior Citizens Inc., said. “I’ve got somebody that you know who’s a little older or maybe has a disability. Particularly in this hot weather it’s a good time to make that little extra effort and walk next door and make sure they’re okay.”

If you don’t it could cost someone their life.

“His medication, he had a reaction to it, but because our volunteer was there he called 911,” Lyons said.

A Senior Citizens Inc. Meals on Wheels volunteer was on his regular route when he spotted the elderly man passed out from the heat.

“He called us and he waited until we could get there, the paramedics could get there and now our client is resting comfortably at the hospital,” Lyons said.

That man did have a fan from the organization’s annual fan drive, but those can only go so far and they’re running out.

“We’ve distributed fans to them, but on top of that we’ve already given away 300 fans,” Lyons said.

Senior Citizens Inc. only has 75 fans left. Last year, they gave away more than 600, but they’re having to tighten the reigns on handing them out.

“We’re getting a little stricter on the qualifications, but we sure could use some more fans,” Lyons said. “We do want people to be over the age of 65, to be lower income and really not have an adequate means of cooling their house.”

If you don’t qualify for a fan experts encourage you to go to a community or cooling center so you’re out of harm’s way.

“We really hate to say no to anybody. If they take that effort to reach out, then we really know that they need it,” Lyons said.

Again, those fans may not save lives, but they can help. You can assist by donating to Senior Citizens Inc. They are located at 3025 Bull Street in Savannah. You can either drop off a brand new fan or make a financial donation.

They will also be collecting fans at that location for a fan drive Tuesday, July 12th, at 2 p.m.

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