SC Highway Patrol: Two ways to prepare now for a hurricane

Savannah (WSAV) – The South Carolina Highway Patrol has two things you can do now that may make your life easier during an evacuation route for a hurricane or other disaster.

First, learn your routes.   The good news, if you remember your way out from Hurricane Matthew, you’re set because the routes have not changed this season.  But troopers recommend you study a hurricane guide provided by SC Emergency Management so you know which roads are opened and closed in an evacuation.

Next, follow the eight troopers positioned throughout each region of the state who are spokespeople for the department on Twitter.  There they will post road closures, traffic tie-ups and other important information that could affect your commute.

The following names are where you will see the updates on Twitter: @SCHP_TROOP1, @SCHP_TROOP2, @SCHP_TROOP3, @SCHP_TROOP4, @SCHP_TROOP5, @SCHP_TROOP6, @SCHP_TROOP7, @SCHP .

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