Savannah City Leaders Discuss Plan to Eliminate Gang Element

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — We asked Savannah City Leaders if they have a solid plan in place to help remove the gang element in light of the deadly car crash and shootings that happened in City Market in Downtown Savannah over the July 4th Holiday weekend.
Police Chief Jack Lumpkin has pointed to several major steps being taken. He says the suspect, Jerry Chambers, is a member of a gang called “Only the Mob”.

The police department just hired a new Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Commander who previously worked on the federal level. Now, he’ll work to combat gangs here in Savannah.
Lumpkin will also ask for additional resources for his department in the next city budget.
Lumpkin addressed the difficulty of dealing with juvenile gangs in the city. And, we also asked one city leader if he believes more police patrols will solve the problem.

“The juvenile gangs are much more difficult to deal with than the adult gang, we’re dealing with an adolescent mind,” says Chief Jack Lumpkin, Savannah-Chatham Metro Police.

“I don’t think more policing is the solution, we were sitting in a situation where we had more police and it still happened, we cannot police our way out of this,” says Alderman Van Johnson with Savannah City Council.

Johnson says it will take more effective policing and getting the community engaged in helping attack the gang problem in our neighborhoods.

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