Crime expert breaks down police investigation tactics in City Market shooting

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – “There doesn’t appear to be any interaction between the suspects and the victims prior to the shooting,” Gerry Long, News 3’s crime expert said while watching Wednesday morning’s surveillance footage. “It’s a very immediate drive up. That person appears to be targeted. If that’s the case, then why?”

It’s the question on everyone’s mind.

“This is not something where there was an altercation viable on the video between these two, so it had to be something that happened prior to or they’re known to each other,” Long said.

These are specific details police look at to find out why something so tragic had to happen.
Long, a retired major from the police department, said there’s several things officers depict from this video.

“Looking for other video to see if there’s an altercation or something that happened prior; someone is looking at police reports; running information in the computer to try to build a little bit about the victim,” Long said.

It may sound like a tedious process, but Long said it helps police get the best results.

“You don’t want to jump to a conclusion when you get to any crime scene, because you want the evidence to lead you to a conclusion,” Long said.

That is evidence that includes witnesses.

“You want to make sure that anybody that was a potential witness you don’t want their interview to be tainted by something they heard on the news,” Long said.

Experts said that’s particularly important when it comes to identifying a potential suspect.

“Because if you’re going to use that in a photographic line up you don’t want me showing that to you as a witness as this the person and you’ve already seen that suspect on television,” Long said.

Other details also kept away from the press, as part of the ongoing investigation, would be something unusual about the crime scene or specific information about the vehicle.

“These would be things on the suspect would know,” Long said. “Something unique about the victim or unique about the potential suspect that if you share with the general public, then it no longer becomes a key point to be used in an interview.’

The investigation in this case is still ongoing and all of the questions will be answered when police are ready.

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