Kitchen flash fire injures cook at Bluffton restaurant

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WSAV) — A kitchen flash fire at Fat Patties in Bluffton has left one injured.

The fire caused by a gas stove at the restaurant caused severe burns to Collin Christensen, a cook who was working on the line during the accident.

“Due to the amount of gas that had built up when he went to turn it on and actually work with it, it exploded,” said Joy Nelson, Bluffton Police Department.

According to the Bluffton Fire Public Information Officer, the cook was flown to the Augusta Burn Center.

Christensen is being treated for first and second-degree burns over his face, side, and hands.

No one else was injured, according to Bluffton Fire and Police spokespeople.

The restaurant will likely be closed for a few days due to kitchen damage.

A GoFundMe page is set up to raise funds for Christensen’s medical bills and family, as he is unable to work in his condition. Visit the page here.

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