One Island, One Community Picnic a BIG Success

Hamburgers, Hot dogs and watermelon were all in abundance at the One Island One Community picnic

More than a thousand people on Hilton Head Island came out to the Boys and Girls Club on the Fourth for food fun and fellowship.

Central Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church and Grace Community Church combined forces with Kroger to bring slip and slides, kids’ golf, bouncy houses, dunk tanks and lots and lots of hot dogs and hamburgers to their neighbors and friends on the Island

“Its a time we can all come together just like friends, just for a day at least to celebrate the fact we are all here, we are all free, we are all having fun,” smiled Kate Bennett, one of dozens of volunteers who served up the free food.

Thousands of hamburgers and hotdogs were handed out during the event

A free event to bring folks together, to continue the “Island Strong” feeling that’s grown since Hurricane Matthew hit so many homes on Hilton Head, to give folks a chance to meet their neighbors.

“We just moved here from Dallas so, big city, lot of things lot of people,” explains Charles Carpenter, new to Hilton Head. “You don’t even know everybody. So coming here being out in the community with everyone pitching in, having a good time, for free, its pretty amazing.”

Everyone tested out their arms at the dunk tank
Hilton Head High Principal Amanda O’Nan took her turn in the dunk tank

Amazing event for adults and for the kids who got to run around, play and have fun, no matter where on the Island they are from.

“Behind the gate outside the gates you have the very young, the very old, all having a good time celebrating freedom,” said Hilton Head Mayor David Bennett.

“People of all kinds of political flavors and beliefs. People not only coming together civily, but joyously. So i think that if you could put in a bottle whatever is in this picnic, and take it to Washington, DC, we’d be all the better for it,” said Congressman Mark Sanford.

Hamburgers, Hot dogs and watermelon were all in abundance at the One Island One Community picnic

More than 1000 people came out to the event at the Hilton Head Boys and Girls Club, and organizers say year three was their best ever. They are already making plans for a fourth, on the fourth.

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