Fireworks light up the sky in The Hostess City

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) -Thousands packed River Street Tuesday night for the Fourth of July. Cheers rang out through the crowd during the final booms of the display.

There were many people from all around the country decked out in red, white and blue. One man from California said it was an honor to celebrate the holiday here in the Hostess City.

“Savannah is so rich in our country’s history and I just like being here since I’m so far away from home in California,” Tyler Lund said. “I’m a red blooded American. I love this country and everything it stands for. This is my favorite holiday.”

Many others were also enjoying what River Street had to offer before reserving their seat for the fireworks display.

However, one little girl from Savannah said she just likes to see all the pretty colors in the sky and enjoy this special time with her family.

“To get to do a whole lot of stuff and have super super fun,” Armani Scott said.

And super fun is what a lot of people had while enjoying the display and they can’t wait until next year.

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