What you need to know if you’re planning your own fireworks show in the Lowcountry

HARDEEVILLE, Sc. (WSAV) – The Fourth of July means fireworks. Folks from Savannah to Yemassee were flooding into the Fireworks Superstore in Hardeeville Wednesday.

“We’re gonna shoot off some fireworks and have a barbecue,” said Savannah resident Trisha Myers.

“Yemassee just has a small amount and we come here to just kind like get a bigger variety of different things that will kind of explode,” said Tomeka Brown-Jennings who drove down from Yemassee.

But where they explode is important because the laws change from state to state, county to even town.

“In Beaufort County and the town of Bluffton, fireworks are illegal and that’s anything that goes up in the air, makes a big bang,” Randy Hunter with the Bluffton Fire Department, “Main thing is if they leave the ground, make a big bang, anything outside of a sparkler or bang snaps, they are pretty much legal.”

So most Bluffton residents are sticking to safe and small… like Jayda and her parents who bought a “Just for Kids” pack and smoke bombs.

But if you live on Hilton Head, you can legally launch any commercial fireworks  with or without a bang on private property – just not on beaches.

And in Jasper County, there aren’t any laws prohibiting them in unincorporated areas, however cities have their own laws, such as Hardeeville – only allowing them from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

“There’s a lot of fireworks going off around here,” said Hunter, “They’re unsafe too for untrained people, so what we wanna recommend to our community here in the Lowcountry, go out, find a place, watch professional fireworks set off and let them worry about all the safety factors and sit back and enjoy the show.”

If you’re not sure what the laws are in your area, the best thing to do is call your local fire marshal and ask.

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