Video: Michigan “Flag Man” spreads patriotic cheer

HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS) – One Marine Corps veteran known as the “Flag Man” spends his days attracting waves, smiles, and honks from those who pass by him in the Greater Lansing area.

Colin Campbell walks along Marsh Road every day with an American flag in hand and dog by his side.

Campbell has been spreading patriotic cheer for the last 30 years.

“I wanted to see if somebody would honk at somebody they didn’t know,” says the “Flag Man.”

He didn’t always have a flag and his pup wasn’t always alongside him.

After serving as an infantryman in the Vietnam War, Campbell moved to Haslett where he worked for General Motors and took up a love for running.

One day he wanted to see if he could make others feel that happiness too.

“Let’s say somebody was at work and they had a bad day, if they saw me smiling, it seemed, on Facebook they put it on there that it made their day better,” says Campbell.

Campbell garnered a local fan base, comprised of followers who created a Facebook page in his honor.

The page now has more than 8,000 likes from community members.

Once he realized how many people took notice, Campbell says he started counting how many waves he could get each day.

“Two years ago or three, I had 267,000 in one year,” Campbell says.

Sometimes Campbell gets more than just honks. Sometimes people stop by just to say hello or ask for a picture.

But Campbell says the purpose of this mission isn’t about him, the flag or his dog.

It’s about the smiles he can bring to people’s faces.

“I just wish everyone around the world a safe Fourth of July and thank you for your service,” says Campbell.

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