Protecting your home against mosquitoes: Advice from an expert


Mosquitoes: No matter where you go, they’re the one thing you  just can’t seem to escape during the summer!

Yes, they can be pesky, but they can also be deadly.

While it’s important to protect yourself while you’re outside, News 3’s Courtney Cole talked to an expert to find out why it’s just as important to safeguard your home, too.

You will hear Greg Polster coming down the block before you see him, because of the loud noise his equipment makes.

But that loud noise is the sound of protection…from mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes are actually the most dangerous animal in the world,” said Greg Polster, the Owner & Operator of the Mosquito Joe pest control franchise serving the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

Polster says many people don’t take the threat mosquitoes pose, seriously enough.

“In America, we kind of take for granted the fact that mosquitoes aren’t huge vectors of diseases like they are in other countries.”

Many people usually remember to protect their skin when they’re enjoying activities outdoors, but Polster told News 3 it’s important to make sure you’re properly protecting your home, too!

“Right before and right after a rain, we always tell people, walk your property.” It will help you to find that standing water so you can get rid of it!

Getting rid of the standing water around your home is the number one defense against the blood-sucking creatures.

“You wouldn’t believe, just walking around your property, how many little places that standing water can be found. Something as small as a soda cap bottle can hold up to 300 eggs, which is the potential for 300 mosquitoes,” Polster said.

In this story, Polster can be seen using a barrier spray on this Savannah home, but says Chrysanthemum Flowers work well to repel the insects—as well as peppermint, rosemary and garlic.

For more information on Mosquito Joe, click here.

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