Congregation seeks to forgive vandal

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Tire tracks, damaged chain linked fences, and destroyed American flags were left scattered at Higher Ground Baptist Church on Whitefield Avenue. Early Sunday morning someone plunged through the property making an exit under the fence.

Pastor Andy Vaught was called by a Deacon of the ministry who arrived to find the damage. “It was difficult for me to visualize how much damage had been done so I came with some anticipation not knowing what exactly to expect and when I turned the corner to come into our driveway and say the fences torn down and destroyed I was shocked,” Pastor Vaught said.

Not only was he shocked, but members of the church as well upon arrival. He never thought that something like this could happen at this small community church.

This small church has a lot to offer to the community, like summer programs, soccer camps, and before and after school programs for kids. The soccer camp that meets every Wednesday must be moved to a different part of the church grounds since the damage took a toll on their normal practice space.

The gates are a safe haven for the children and now many feel that safety is now gone. “I just want to get back to normal. That fence is more than a fence… it’s a protective barrier to the streets and we need that during the year.”

The pastor says neither he nor the members of the church are vindictive. He would like the suspect to, “Give us a call we have a church telephone number and I’ve got a cellphone number…. we’ll forgive you.”

Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department is investigating. If anyone has any information please call the church at (912)-355-1505.


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