Coffee and Cars for a good cause

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV)–  People gathered on a beautiful holiday weekend to give back to the community. Coffee and Cars is a fundraiser held at Bethesda Academy hosted by the Oglethorpe Driving Club.

This fundraiser helps students earn more scholarship money to cover their $25,000 tuition. Although the students are support by financial aid, parents’ still come out of pocket about $4,000 per school year.

The driving club featured some classic, vintage, and exotic cars – giving all those in attendance a first-hand behind the wheel.

Bethesda Academy is a private, boarding and day school for young men in grade six through twelve. At one point, Bethesda was an orphanage. A product of that orphanage is Kevin Iocovozzi.

“I think its’ what we are meant to do this place to care of me and my twin brother when we were very young,’ Iocovozzi said.

Iocovozzi, became a member of the Oglethorpe Driving Club which guided him and the group to give back to this prestigious institution.

“We have 120 young men and we strive to make sure that when they graduate they leave with a love of god, a love of learning and a strong work ethic,” John Reddan, Director of Institutional Advancement at Bethesda Academy said.

Last year they raised nearly five thousand dollars for scholarships – they hope to do the same this year, if not more.

“By helping us and coming out to an event like this you will help us support them and have a successful life experience,” Reddan said.


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