The young & young-at-heart can benefit from Georgia’s Yellow Dot Program

(SAVANNAH) A little yellow sticker can make a big difference in life and death medical emergencies. It’s called Yellow Dot. It’s a free statewide program introduced to the Coastal Empire in January. It tells first responders where to find your important medical information so they can provide care quickly in an emergency. In Chatham County, Yellow Dot is managed by Senior Citizens, Inc. While it is especially important for seniors and those with chronic illness or disabilities, this program is for anyone. Deb Thompson, Chief Business Development Officer for SCI explains. “This program is an emergency medical information program, which makes it incredibly valuable to anybody that has a chronic illness, a disability, or has a life threatening allergy.” Thompson said.

Yellow Dot works a lot like those Tot-Finder and Pet-Finder stickers that help firefighters locate children and pets, but the Yellow Dot sticker, placed on a front window or entry into a home tells first responders where to find vital medical information. there’s a special magnet to place the packet on participant’s refrigerators. The kit includes a place for a photo and a second sticker for the rear-window of a vehicle, as well as a packet for the glove compartment. Thompson says it’s a perfect fit for any disaster kit. “This is a grab and go. you just take it, put it into your hurricane evacuation kit and you’re out the door. you don’t have to worry about gathering up your list of prescriptions. You’ve already got it with you.” said Thompson.

SCI is holding enrollment events in Savannah and surrounding areas. The next big enrollment is set for Thursday, August 24 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Passport to Healthy Living at Savannah Rehabilitation Hospital, 6510 Seawright Drive in Savannah. Enrollment is free of charge and no preregistration is required. Groups of 20 or more can also request a group signup; to do so, email http://mail to: or you can call (912) 236-0363.

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