Union Mission shares ways you can help homeless this summer


Homelessness affects thousands of people in Savannah and for the past 80 years, Union Mission has made it their goal to help as many people as they can.

The mission began as a small soup kitchen before progressing into a multi-facility organization. It not only provides emergency shelter and permanent housing, but a myriad of other education, employment and health services to help individuals and families to get on their feet.

But they need your help, especially during the summer months when those without a home and regular access to water or air-conditioning, could be at risk for heat stroke, hyperthermia or sunburns.

Two very special ladies from the Union Mission, the Director of Development, Laura Lane McKinnon, and the community outreach coordinator, Maggie Lynn, stopped by The Bridge on Thursday to tell us what you can do to help and why it can be especially challenging to help the homeless during the summer months.

Click ‘Play’ to hear the full interview.

Click here to visit the website -or- you can call (912)-236-7423.

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