Savannah Youth Ambassadors spend day painting homes in community

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Yesterday, June 28, dozens of Savannah Youth Ambassadors participated in a community project where they gathered together to paint two homes in need of repair.

Homeowners Williams family W.39th St


The Ambassadors put a fresh coat of paint on homes located at 921 Googe St. in Carver Village and 1030 W. 39th St. in Cuyler-Brownville.

Youth Ambassador, Evan Swindell, said, “The Savannah Youth Ambassadors isn’t just some program that kids can just come out and relax. We actually go out and help the community so that other people will feel better and the kids will actually know what we’re doing in the community and that maybe they’ll join the SYA program.”

Neel Patel became an Ambassador just one month ago.  “This is the best summer program I’ve ever been a part of,” Patel said.  “This program is about teaching me to be a leader, to give back to the community and work on group projects with other students.”

Savannah Youth Ambassadors


Ryanne Franklin, SYA, said, “It feels great because I feel that I can take this with me when I grow up and hopefully help everyone maybe around the country and hopefully the world.”

The Savannah Youth Ambassadors Program is made up of local high school students.  The program fosters youth leadership and civic engagement through City-sponsored training, cultural exploration opportunities, and Make a Difference community impact projects.

For more information about Savannah Youth Ambassadors visit:



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