2 Chainz promotes new album with pink “trap house” in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. (WSAV) — Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is getting a lot of attention for “The Trap House,” an Atlanta home he painted pink to promote his new album.

The house is quickly becoming Atlanta’s newest tourist attraction.

“I saw 2 Chainz painted this so I was like ‘why not come see it for myself,’” said Alex Able, a 2 Chainz supporter.

Some fans came to see the house from as far as Birmingham, Alabama.

2 Chainz used “The Trap House” as an innovative marketing strategy to promote his new album ‘Pretty Girls Love Trap Music.’

“That’s why this is kind of iconic. He took it to another level something that we can relate to,” said another fan.

While many are flocking to the pink house on Howell Mill Road, some nearby business owners are not thrilled with the crowds.

“Let me tell you, it’s been hectic for us,” says Pam Berry, a local business owner.

Traffic has been backed up on Howell Mill Road and businesses have been forced to put up no parking signs.

Police say there is nothing they can do legally unless they receive numerous complaints, which they haven’t.

“As a business owner, I will be happy when it’s over,” said Berry.

2 Chainz rented the house through July 7, but a manager says they are still deciding on how long to rent the home.

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