NEWS 3 INVESTIGATES: Excessive force lawsuit against Chatham, Effingham Sheriff

He claims he was badly beaten by a sheriff’s deputy who was ‘angry” and used excessive force.

Anthony Oliver’s own body camera shows what happened January 23, 2017.

But the video only tells part of the story about Oliver. He’s a man News 3 found out has filed 27 different federal lawsuits in the last 8 years. And a man who’s claims don’t always add up.

“Once I was down on the ground a probation officer came and kicked me in the right rib cage and then they jumped on top of me,” said Anthony Oliver.

Anthony Oliver says he was subjected to “excessive force” by Chatham County Sheriff’s back in January while Effingham County Sheriff’s stood by and watched.

He filed a lawsuit against both Effingham and Chatham County Sheriff’s and Chatham County Sheriff’s Investigator Frank Rollins who Oliver claims beat him.

This isn’t Anthony Allen Oliver’s first time accusing officers of a crime.

He has filed a total of 27 different federal lawsuits.

One against the county of Los Angeles for false arrest. Against the city of Oceanside, California for violating his civil rights. Against the California Highway Patrol and the California Department of Corrections as well as Men’s Wearhouse and T-mobile.

“How many federal lawsuits have you filed?”
“Three,” said Oliver.
“By my count on there i saw 20 or more.”
“No sir”

Oliver claims he settled his “three” lawsuits not for cash but for changes in policy for those departments.

What about those “extreme” injuries Oliver suffered in this beating?

“You said you had an extreme abrasion on your face and two broken teeth,” said Oliver. “I looked at the mugshot and you didnt look nearly as bad as you were claiming.”
“Not at the beginning I wasn’t in that bad shape. But in time the whole face swelled up. That’s noticed on the doctors report”

Oliver also told me this about what happened to Frank Rollins after this incident.

“As soon as the Sheriff was served with the lawsuit was filed, at that point the US Marshals and Sheriff Wilcher has sent Rollins home for approximately for a week and a half and once internal affairs got involved they reassigned him to the courthouse,” said Oliver.

But News 3 talked to U.S. Marshals and Chatham County Sheriff’s who say Rollins was “never” suspended from the Marshal’s or the Sheriff’s office and was only placed in the courthouse as part of a regular rotation.

Oliver is asking for punitive and compensatory damages against both Sheriff’s offices. And for federal charges to be filed against Rollins and the other deputies on scene that day.

Was it a justified arrest or a case of excessive force by a Chatham County Sheriff’s deputy?

A new lawsuit claims he went too far, and body camera video the plaintiff shot himself supports his case.

Anthony Oliver is suing Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie and Chatham County Sheriff’s Investigator Frank Rollins for violating his civil rights.

On January 23, Oliver had a warrant out for his arrest connected to a missed payment on a drunk driving charge out of California.

Anthony Oliver Mugshot – January 23, 2017

But it was the state he was in after this stop that has him crying foul. and wanting justice.


“Anthony, that’s going to be a Marshal in that black truck can you pull over for us?” said the 911 dispatcher to Oliver.
“OK,  he tried to run me off the road.” Oliver responded.
“You can address that to them but if you can pull over they will stop chasing you.” explained the dispatcher.

That’s the first thing you hear on body camera video recorded by Anthony Oliver himself. Oliver was involved in civilian investigations previously, which is why he had the camera rollins.

In the lawsuit filed in District Court, Oliver Chatham County Sheriff’s Investigator Frank Rollins, working for the U.S. Marshal’s, hit Oliver’s car in an attempt to stop him. Then Oliver says Rollins pulled a gun on him, never identifying himself as a law enforcement officer.

Anthony Oliver was previously arrested in Chatham County for Contempt of Court


Oliver in the suit claims he “feared for his life”, got back in the car and kept driving.

After he talked to 9-1-1 dispatch in the video, Oliver called someone else.

“They are US Marshal’s there is a warrant,” Oliver could be heard saying.

This is where the dispute and alleged “excessive force” begins.

“He just hit the back of my car. He just hit me.” exclaimed Oliver who then stops the car and gets out.

“Get on the ground get on the ground.” the Deputies are heard yelling

That’s where Oliver claims in the suit Rollins and the other deputies kicked him, breaking his teeth, and that he was “jumped on” by 8 to 10 officers, hitting him with fists and billy clubs while he was handcuffed.

Oliver says he suffered an injury to his spine and he fractured his back, but no one gave him medical attention for 9 hours after his arrest.

Oliver says Rollins even proved his guilt at the end of the video where he took Oliver’s camera and tossed it into a lake, thereby attempting to “destroy” the evidence.

Sheriffs say the video camera which shot that footage was retrieved by Chatham County inmates later and given back to Oliver.

Oliver had been arrested twice before in Chatham County on similar contempt of court charges and spent time in Chatham County Jail.

In addition to punitive and compensatory damages is also asking the FBI to investigate. He also wants a federal grand jury to indict all three men for civil rights violations. Oliver also is asking for deputies to undergo additional mandatory training to make sure they handle any future medical issues are handled appropriately.

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