Reality Winner trial to begin in late October

Reality Winner arrives in court.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WSAV) — The federal trial of 25-year-old Augusta NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner will begin October 23.

Winner is accused of mailing classified documents to journalists regarding the investigation into whether Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential campaign.

“I want it really clear what is and what is not classified information,” said John Bell, Defense Attorney in the case. “It’s always nice to say in a statute what’s covered, but it’s even better sometimes to say what’s not covered.”

Prosecutors expect to receive all of the government’s information in the case by August 25.

The security officer assigned to safeguarding the classified information in the case comes from a security firm in Washington, D.C.

Both the defense and the prosecution will be able to access it as needed throughout the trial.

“I think this judge expects us to work together to get to the information and in due course, get to the truth,” says Bell.

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