Former student reminisces about May Howard Elementary as it’s demolished

WILMINGTON ISLAND. Ga. (WSAV) – May Howard Elementary is being demolished, but memories of the old school will last forever.

For former students, it’s a bittersweet sight to see the school being torn down, but the memories they have are some they’ll cherish forever.

“Many kids that go here their grandparents went here their aunts and uncles their parents so it’s definitely a community school that many people have been a part of over the years over a long history,” Stacey Tripp, a former student, and current PTA president said, “It’s bittersweet to see the old go, but the new come.”

May Howard has been standing on Wilmington Island since 1958.

Stacey Tripp, along with her fellow classmates, remembers their time quite well.

They were in the fourth grade in 1988 when big changes were happening to the school.

“One story that a lot of the kids tell from the time I was here was when the old silo came down,” Tripp said. “A lot of the land here on Wilmington Island was farmland, so there was an old silo on the property and when they wanted to build the gym they had to tear down the silo. So a lot of the kids tell the story of what an amazing adventure that was to see the silo come down and the new gym get built.”

Instead of a new gym, they’ll now have a completely new building that will be up and running in August.

“It’ll be interesting to be in the new enclosed space that doesn’t have those outside and have two stories,” Tripp said. “My son is gonna be in third grade is very excited to be on the second level of the new school.”

Tripp’s son and other generations have been able to share this special connection for years and instead of reminiscing on the old memories they’ll create new ones.

“There’s so many memories for so many generations that have been here on Wilmington Island that have come and gone, so it’s definitely bittersweet to see the old go, but that’s part of transition and life goes forward,” Tripp said.

The PTA is selling engraved bricks from the building for $50 apiece. If you would like to purchase one, just click here.

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