CBO: Senate health care bill would leave 22 million more uninsured

(NBC News) The Senate health care bill would insure 22 million fewer people after a decade than current law, according to an analysis by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

It would save $321 billion in the same period overall by spending $1 trillion less on health care and using the savings to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s taxes, which primarily affect wealthy individuals and medical companies.

The Senate bill uses a similar structure as Obamacare to help people buy insurance based on their income. But the benefits are less generous overall and aimed at purchasing insurance with higher deductibles that cover fewer areas of treatment.

In addition, it contains major reductions in Medicaid spending, including a rollback of the ACA’s expansion of the program, which currently covers more than 11 million people. The government would spend 26% less on Medicaid by 2026, according to the report.

Without factoring in subsidies to buy insurance, the bill initially raises premiums, but eventually reduces them by 30% on average compared to current law in 2020. This is mainly because the insurance will come with higher out-of-pocket costs and less comprehensive coverage.

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