Odd Lot talks podcasts, vlogs & ‘Savage Brushstroke’ on The Bridge

It's Odd Lot Monday on The Bridge!


It’s Monday, so you know what that means!

Two Odd Lot Improv troupe members, Chris Soucy and Thomas Houston, stopped by The Bridge today to talk podcasts and vlogs.

Chris Soucy even let us in on his plans to launch a new vlog and podcast thoughtfully titled, Savage Brushstroke.

Find out how this name and Soucy’s artistic philosophy are both inspired by Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist, Vincent Van Gogh and what he thinks you can learn from the artist.

Plus–we learn more about Houston taking the stage in the Savannah Shakes Production of the “The Tempest.”

Press ‘play’ to hear the full interview.

If you’d like to check out the Savannah Shakes Production of “The Tempest,” be sure to head over to The Bay Street Theater. It begins June 30th and will run through July 9th.

You can get your tickets on Clubone-online.com

For more information, visit Oddlot.lol

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