American flags set ablaze in Florida neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTLV) — Two Jacksonville, Florida homeowners are outraged after the American flags hanging outside of their homes were burned while they slept.

Alex Vaysben said he woke up Saturday morning and noticed something was off outside of his home in the Mandarin neighborhood.

“I saw the little spots on the ground, and I was like ‘that’s kind of strange.’ So I walked out, and found the flag pole this with basically just char on it,” said Vaysben.

All that is left of the American flag that once flew outside of the Army veteran’s home are pieces of burnt plastic. It even charred the flowers underneath.

“Whoever did this. Whatever their logic was, didn’t think to themselves somebody could be sleeping right there next to where I’m setting this fire,” said Vaysben.

He says his video doorbell sensed motion outside the door just after 2 a.m. Saturday, but it wasn’t until he called the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that he found out that he wasn’t the only target.

Down the street, Bill Kelly made the same shocking discovery.

Read more here.

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