Meet Cub: St. Jude patient battling leukemia

In October 2014, Cub was treated for pneumonia, but his teacher noticed he looked pale when he returned to school.

Cub’s pediatrician decided to do some bloodwork, later breaking some tough news to his parents.

“At 10:30 that night, my husband and I were taken into a separate room and told that Cub had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Oh, my gosh.  It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world,” said Marilyn, Cub’s mother.

Without hesitation, Cub’s pediatrician recommended he seek treatment at St. Jude.

“We came through the doors, and suddenly we were in a place where people seemed to know what to do,” Marilyn explained.

Cub’s treatment as a St. Jude patient includes more than two-and-a-half years of chemotherapy.

“You know, he’s been through a lot. But on December 8th, we found out that Cub was in remission,” said Marilyn. “Cub is just doing amazingly well right now. [He] is getting the best care available in the world.”

You can help St. Jude continue fighting for children like Cub. Go to for more details.


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