Couple accidentally leaves $100,000 cash with Goodwill donation

ZANESVILLE, Ohio (WHIZ) – Two employees at a Zanesville, Ohio thrift store found a huge surprise in a duffel bag of donated clothes.

There was $100,000 of cash inside.

Janelle Shaffer, the Goodwill Store Manager, said a woman from Lewisville, Ohio, donated the bag of clothes, and accidentally the large amount of money as well.

“Well according to her husband, they came here because there was no local Goodwill near Lewisville and they had family in Zanesville, said Shaffer. So they brought it up here when they were visiting Zanesville.”

Shaffer said that the two employees working in their back facility, initially thought the money was fake, but immediately took the bag to their manager.

“It was all 100 dollar bills, and I’m just like no way, she said. I’m looking and we are checking it with the counterfeit pen holding it up in the light, and was like yeah, this money is real.”

The husband had withdrawn the $100,000 because they are about to move, and purchase a new home.

After the money had been turned over to police and the owners were notified, managers at the store raved about how honest their two employees were.

“I am really proud of them. I trust them wholeheartedly, said Lead Kelsey Croy. It takes a lot for someone to be that honest when it comes to money, especially that much.”

Management said the honesty of their employees is due to small town values and got emotional talking about the integrity of the employees she has working for her.

“I know if that was money that I had worked hard for, it would be heartbreaking if i didn’t get it back, said Shaffer. In today’s world, the way the economy is, it would be so easy for someone to forget their morals and walk out with that money.”

Shaffer spoke with the couple on the phone, and they could not thank the store and those two employees enough for bringing the money back to them.

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