CEMA hosts hurricane response workshop

Agencies from Savannah and Chatham County gathered at the Armstrong Center on Wednesday for CEMA's Hurricane Response Workshop.


The Chatham County Emergency Management Agency is strategizing the most efficient way to respond if another storm, like Hurricane Matthew, hits our area this season.

Agencies from all over Savannah and Chatham County met with CEMA at the Armstrong Center on Wednesday to figure out what they can do now to be more proactive, instead of reactive, during the first three days after a hurricane.

“That’s the primary responsibilities of those first 72 hours..is to render that areas are safe and re-establish essential services so we can be prepared to bring the general population back,’ said Dennis Jones, the Director of the Chatham County Emergency Management Agency.

Jones says CEMA has already made a lot of changes such as: updating evacuation zones and policies, updating traffic control and return points, and creating a Public Affairs Disaster Team.

But, he says they’re still working to improve Georgia’s storm operating conditions, disaster staffing and support, and securing additional sheltering options. CEMA is also taking a closer look at their recovery plan as well.


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