Talahi Island neighbors seeking answers after pair of burglaries mirror those on other islands

TALAHI ISLAND, Ga (WSAV) – Over the past three months on Talahi Island, five different homeowners have been victims of burglaries.

A pair of burglaries here on Talahi came just weeks after islanders on Wilmington saw a string of similar crimes and some neighbors are taking action.

“Nothing has changed, but we’re all kind of sitting on pins and needles you know,” says long time resident Mickey Perkins.

Neighbors on Talahi Island started the month on edge after two burglaries on one day led to several stolen firearms.

“My neighbor two doors down, they kicked his door in it was a big piece of plate-glass that they kicked out and then stole his guns, handguns,” Perkins says.

A victim tells us Metro police recovered two of the three stolen guns. Perkins’ home was not hit, but he says neighbors are fed up.

“From what I understand more people are getting their gun permits in the neighborhood and carry their gun more frequently.”

Police presence has increased on the island. It’s not the first time two homes were broken into on the same day. Metro reported dual break-ins back in April. Last year more than eight homes burglarized with no resolution for the victims.

“Somebody getting shot in a burglary is what it’s going to take and that’s a sad way to end it,” Perkins says.

Neighbors identified a vehicle similar to the one Wilmington islanders saw during a trio of May break ins. Metro police have asked us not to release that car’s description because of the ongoing investigation.

“I feel like we are in a protected neighborhood but it seems to keep happening over and over and over and I feel like the Metro police keeps dropping the ball and not doing their job because they won’t give anybody any answers and they tell you what they want you to hear, other than what you should know,” adds Perkins.

No arrests have been made in relation to the May or June burglaries on Talahi or Wilmington Island.

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