Preparing your family for a noisy 4th of July

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – In exactly two weeks from Tuesday the sky will be booming for the Fourth of July, but some of those noises could be a problem for your neighbors or their pets.

They’re pretty to look at, but this sound causes more trouble than you might think.

“If you have somebody that has PTSD or you know you have neighbors that have small children be courteous,” Chief Wade Simmons, with the Pooler Fire Department, said.

Experts said fireworks can exceed 150 decibels. Babies ears can only handle less than 80 decibels and everyone else can take up to 85.

“The best thing especially with small children is keep a distance from them,” Chief Simmons said. “Several hundred feet at best even with small fireworks.”

And don’t forget the pets.

“Dogs can be very anxious around noises they don’t understand,” Dr. Kari Jenkins, the veterinarian medical director with Savannah Animal Care, said. “Signs of anxiety in dogs can be things like trembling, having their ears back, licking, pacing, hiding.”

So, there are a few steps you can take like preparing in advance.

“If your dog is known for having noise anxiety a good thing would be to talk to your veterinarian and see if there’s anything as far as anti-anxiety treats or medications that might be helpful,” Dr. Jenkins said. “Other things that can help with desensitization are making sure that the pets are indoors, especially right as it gets dark.”

Or consider boarding them for the night. Overall, the message is the same.

“Please be courteous to your neighbors,” Simmons said.

Georgia law states you cannot shoot off fireworks after 9 p.m. There is an exception for July 4th. The time is extended until midnight. On News Years it is until 1 a.m.

Also, you must remain at a 100 yard distance from places like hospitals and nursing homes.

For more information, click here for the state website and rules.

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