Family travels to U.S. for daughter’s life saving treatment at St. Jude

Sarah and her family arrived at St. Jude in June 2015 for the treatment of hepatic sarcoma, a type of liver cancer. They traveled from Mexico after doctors realized they were not prepared to deal with the scope of her treatment.

Luckily, Sarah’s cousins in the United States knew about St. Jude and encouraged her doctors to look for treatment options to save her life.

“The moment that my phone rang and I found out it was a call from St. Jude, I felt relief and hope,” said Ileana, Sarah’s mother. “St. Jude has been a miracle for us, a whole miracle.”

Ileana was overwhelmed by the heartfelt donations the hospital receives, which allow Sarah to receive treatment without a costly hospital bill.

“The donations from people mean that at this time my daughter smiles, runs and hugs me. She is alive,” said Ileana.

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